The Resilience Challenge

The mission of the Resilience to Nature’s Challenges National Science Challenge is to accelerate Aotearoa New Zealand’s resilience to natural hazards through innovative, collaborative research.

What we do

The challenge

To enhance New Zealand’s resilience to natural hazards.



All over the country our scientists are investigating how we can build New Zealand’s resilience. 



Working with stakeholders and end-users to ensure our research is useful and usable.

Resources for planners


Adapting coastal water pipes

A research team from Victoria University of Wellington has designed a decision-making framework for councils to protect water systems against rising seas.

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Wildfire risk at urban margins

Wildfires affecting our urban fringes are becoming more common. Find out how these communities can get prepared. 

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Managed retreat governance: Who and how?

Timely new research by Dr Christina Hanna and colleagues describes different  governance options for managed retreat, and recommends an approach most likely to reduce risk and promote justice.

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Iwi and hapū management plans

Iwi and hapū management plans are a readily accessible way for council decision-makers, planners and staff to learn the planning priorities and aspirations of local iwi and hapū.

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