Overarching Resilience Governance Concepts

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State Completed
Duration 2014 - 2019
Project Leader(s)
Vivienne Ivory

Project Summary

The Overarching Resilience Governance Concepts project worked to address the role played by governance, policies, and institutional and societal relationships that underpin an enduring resilience of communities to nature’s challenges. It used research-based governance initiatives (e.g. real-life decision-making processes involving communities and their governments) to build inter-generational mechanisms and practices of governance that can build ongoing resilience to nature’s shocks and change.

The outcomes of this project enable communities and organisations to adapt and transform where necessary to local and emerging needs. This will involve negotiated, credible and actionable responses by public and private sector agencies and communities to both predictable and unpredictable futures. It will facilitate the development of new institutional frameworks where resilience is a key factor considered during decision-making, and ensure these processes incorporate the dynamic and changing nature of multiple hazards and risks, as well as future social and demographic shifts in Aotearoa New Zealand society.

Resources from this project


A systems-based framework as an engagement tool: Adaptation for insight on transport network resilience

Trotter MJ, Ivory V. 2019. A systems-based framework as an engagement tool: Adaptation for insight on transport network resilience. Case Studies on Transport Policy. 7(2):167-177.…

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Resilience Governance: Enabling transformative societal choices in the Anthropocene.

Lawrence J, White I, Glavovic B, Schneider P. 2017. Resilience governance briefing note. Lower Hutt (NZ): Resilience to Nature's Challenges. 3 p.

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