Resilience Digital Information System

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State Completed
Duration 2014 - 2019
Project Leader(s)
John Vargo
Resilient Organisations

Project Summary

The aim of this project was the creation of the New Zealand Resilience Data Integration and Visualisation EnMasse (DIVE) trial platform, a metadata catalogue and repository for disaster risk reduction and resilience data. The project developed and defined metadata standards for use with resilience and disaster risk datasets. This information can help us answer some of society’s most pressing questions, but we need to be able to find, understand, and apply it in meaningful ways. The concept for the DIVE Platform was drawn from wide-ranging consultation with researchers and potential stakeholders of disaster risk reduction (DRR) and resilience research. The DIVE Platform was created by the Resilience Challenge’s Trajectories Toolbox, but it needs to be ‘owned’ and maintained by New Zealand’s research community.

While the trial platform is no longer live, the concepts and datasets are available through our project resources are available below and have been picked up as part of development of some resilience datasets available at Discussions are underway with other stakeholders to explore options for the concepts to be applied in other data repositories.

Co-funding was provided by QuakeCoRE for the development of the Data Integration and Visualisation (DIVE) Platform.

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