Performance and Management of Infrastructure Networks

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Performance and Management of Infrastructure Networks

State Active
Duration 2019 – 2022
Budget / Funding $870000
Project Leader(s)
The University of Auckland


Planning and policy for the maintenance and development of infrastructure networks are supported by quantified estimates of the likely impact of future extreme weather events.

Project description

Joint project of Weather & Wildfire and Built Environments programmes.

Aotearoa New Zealand regularly experiences extreme weather events that threaten our safety, property and infrastructure, and incur high economic costs. The frequency of extreme weather events is increasing because of climate change.

We aim to extend the Very High Resolution Future Case Studies to build a detailed and quantified understanding of the likely impact these extreme weather events will have on our infrastructure and utility networks.

To achieve this, we are working with stakeholders in central and local government as well as utilities providers and the insurance industry to:

  • use new and existing vulnerability assessments to calculate the losses and impacts to assets across the study regions.
  • quantify the effect of flood management devices on stormwater network resilience and the wider exposure to flooding of the built environment.
  • develop regional flood protection management strategies.
  • improve our understanding of wind, snow, and ice loading impacts on electricity transmission, distribution networks and buildings, and develop new building and design standards to counter these hazards.
  • assess and identify resilience interventions to ensure security of our electricity grid.

Our goal is for our research to deliver new insights to regional councils, infrastructure providers, and rural agribusiness and enhance their ability to identify and mitigate the potential impacts of extreme weather events.

Resource Outputs from this project


Resilience of Aotearoa New Zealand’s Built Environment

How is research improving the resilience of our buildings and infrastructure networks to natural hazards?

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Policy Briefing

Building resilience through recovery: Investment decision making

This brief outlines the decision making process in critical infrastructure repair and recovery and the considerations necessary to inform those decisions.

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Policy Briefing

Critical Infrastructure Recovery: Key Lessons

This brief provides advice for managing critical infrastructure recovery programmes including governance and operational management, recovery work sequencing and resourcing, information needs and engagement.

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Resilience of Aotearoa New Zealand’s Built Environment

An overview of our research to build resilience across New Zealand's vertical infrastructure (buildings) and horizontal infrastructure (utility networks).

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Presentation slides, ‘Resilience of Aotearoa New Zealand’s Built Environment’ webinar

Presentation slides from the 'Resilience of Aotearoa New Zealand's Built Environment' webinar, December 2022. Prepared by Assoc Prof Liam Wotherspoon and Prof Tim Sullivan. 

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New Zealand Design Wind Speeds, Directional and Lee-Zone Multipliers in AS/NZS 1170.2

Amir Ali Safaei Pirooz, Richard G.J. Flay, Richard Turner, New Zealand design wind speeds, directional and lee-zone multipliers proposed for AS/NZS 1170.2:2021, Journal of Wind…

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