Electricity Distribution Resilience Framework

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State Completed
Duration 2014 - 2019
Project Leader(s)
Nirmal Nair
The University of Auckland

Project Summary

Maintaining electricity supply and distribution across Aotearoa New Zealand is critical to post-event recovery. Following a significant Alpine Fault earthquake, large sections of the electricity distribution network could be severely impacted, leaving many communities without power for weeks. To increase resilience this project developed a novel resilience framework utilising micro-grid solutions. Microgrids allow regions of the network to operate self sufficiently, utilising renewable approaches and feeding into but not dependent on the main power grid. Through researching and understanding the Christchurch and Kaikōura post-event recovery experiences, researchers were able to identify where microgrids could operate within the broader power system in Aotearoa New Zealand, to ensure that restoration of electricity supply could be achieved faster following a natural hazard event, thereby increasing community resilience.

Resources from this project


Cooperative Control In An Islanded Microgrid Under Blockchain-Based Market Operation

Li HA, Nair NC. 2019. Cooperative control in an islanded microgrid under blockchain-based market operation. In: 2019 IEEE Innovative Smart Grid Technologies - Asia (ISGT…

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Fault detection in transmission lines- A novel voltage-based scheme for differential protection

Al-Sachit SK, Sanjari MJ, Nair NKC. 2018. Fault detection in transmission lines- a novel voltage-based scheme for differential protection. In: 2018 Australasian Universities Power Engineering…

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