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Student Profile: Brenda Contla Hernandez

Student Profile: Brenda Contla Hernandez Brenda Contla Hernandez

Statistically plausible eruption scenarios determined from geochemical data I’m from Mexico where I lived close enough to Popocatepetl to see it in action, which made me fascinated about volcanoes. I studied a Bachelor’s Degree in Actuarial Science at University La Salle in Mexico City and a Master’s Degree in Statistics at Massey University, New Zealand. […]

Student Profile: Cristhian David Prieto

Student Profile: Cristhian David Prieto Cristhian

Empirical essays on the impacts of climate hazards on households’ well-being and firms’ financial performance: Evidence from New Zealand and Colombia Hey there! I’m Cristhian, originally from the vibrant city of Bogotá, Colombia. I’ve got a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Economics, with a special emphasis in Econometrics. Yep, I’m all about crunching numbers and […]

Student Profile: Thivanka Dharmasena

Student Profile: Thivanka Dharmasena Thivanka

Resilience of Water Sensitive Design Assets in Urban Environments Against Urban Flooding and Climate Change Kia Ora! I am a 3rd year PhD student at the University of Auckland with a focus on urban flood resilience. My engagement towards this field first started when I graduated from Deakin University (Australia) with my Bachelor’s Degree and […]

Student Profile: Jade Humphrey

Student Profile: Jade Humphrey Jade Humphrey

Fault Interactions in Central New Zealand Kia ora! I grew up in a small town called Wainuiomata, which is just outside of Wellington. Surrounded by hills coated in native lowland forests and frequently rocked by earthquakes, my childhood was filled with questions about how the world worked. At school we had earthquake drills and learnt […]

Student Profile: Logan Brunner

Student Profile: Logan Brunner Logan Brunner

Understanding cascading impacts in our interdependent infrastructure Kia ora! I was born in Colorado, USA, and grew up around the beautiful rivers and hills of Jefferson City, Missouri. I moved to Baltimore on the East Coast of the US for my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at Johns Hopkins University, where I studied Environmental Engineering with […]

Student Profile: Mui Nguyen

Student Profile: Mui Nguyen Mui Nguyen

Past experience of drought, drought risk perception, and climate mitigation and adaptation decisions I am originally from Vietnam, in the northern part which is near the beaches. During my undergraduate degree, I studied Economics at Vietnam National University which increased my interest in economics and research in the next steps in my career. I continued […]

Student Profile: Brian Perttu

Student Profile: Brian Perttu Brian Perttu and friend in a lava cave

Multihazard volcanic analysis for Mt. Ruapehu, New Zealand I did my undergraduate degree at Western Washington University and my Master’s degree in Economic Geology at University of Alaska Fairbanks. I’ve worked at remote/fly-in mines in Nevada and Alaska, as a claim-staker for gold, uranium, and bentonite, done a research cruise on the Arctic Ocean, field […]

Student Profile: Felipe Kuncar

Student Profile: Felipe Kuncar Felipe Kuncar points out Valdivia on a map.

Modelling Local Site Effects in Physics-Based Earthquake Ground-Motion Simulations I was born in Valdivia (Chile) – the city that gives its name to the most powerful earthquake ever recorded (a magnitude 9.5!). I grew up in Chiloé, a beautiful island in southern Chile. Perhaps these two facts were an indication that I would end up […]

Student Profile: Anna Perttu

Student Profile: Anna Perttu Anna Perttu

Seismo-acoustic characterisations of pyroclastic density currents I am originally from the Pacific Northwest and grew up between volcanoes and an accretionary wedge. At a young age I learned about the eruption of Mount St. Helens and was in awe of the impact on the surrounding area, especially the pyroclastic density current and landslide. I began […]

Student Profile: Geoffrey (Jeff) Robert

Student Profile: Geoffrey (Jeff) Robert Geoffrey (Jeff) Robert hiking near an active volcano.

The interaction of Pyroclastic Density Currents with water bodies – A large scale experimental approach I am a French student originally coming from the outskirts of Paris. I have studied mostly geology, geochemistry, and volcanology during my undergraduate degree, for 3 years at La Sorbonne Faculté des Sciences (Sciences Faculty). I learned a lot about […]

Student Profile: Maryam Tagharobi

Student Profile: Maryam Tagharobi Maryam Tagharobi

Statistical methods for multi-impact operability modelling I am Maryam Tagharobi, from Iran. I was born in 1984. I received my B.Sc. in Statistics at Shahid Chamran University, Iran, and my M.Sc. in Social and Economic Statistics at Allameh Tabataba’i University, Iran. I have taught as a lecturer at the University of Jundi-Shapur (the oldest university […]

Student Profile: Amin Ghasemi

Student Profile: Amin Ghasemi Amin Ghasemi

Regional Seismic Risk Analysis of Wellington Building Inventory I don’t remember how I decided to become a civil engineer, but I cannot love anything more than civil engineering to dig into right now. Dealing with the most challenging problems to have better places for living enthused me to pursue earthquake engineering for post-graduate studies. I […]

Student Profile: Bryann Avendano

Student Profile: Bryann Avendano Bryann Avendano

Playing with Uncertainty: Facilitating community-based resilience building My Verb: to Inspire (whisper something in people’s hearts) ¡Hola! I am from Bogota DC, Colombia. I define myself as an explorer, but I try to avoid more labels than that. I have studied in nine universities across three continents. I have studied science, business, and now engineering. […]

Student Profile: Widi Auliagisni

Student Profile: Widi Auliagisni Widi Auliagisni

Flood Risk Management and Community Resilience in New Zealand Kia Ora! I am Widi, now living in Auckland surrounded by many beautiful and incredible people. I came to New Zealand in 2019 to pursue a Master’s degree in Construction Project Management at Massey University and started my PhD in 2020 under a Massey University Doctoral […]

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