Call for EOI: Resilient Rural Communities Programme Co-Leader

Aerial image of a rural setting showing mountains, fields, roads and farm buildings.

26 May 2022

A co-leadership position has recently become vacant in our Resilient Rural Communities programme and we invite expressions of interest to fill the role. Potential candidates will be evaluated by a panel of Resilience Challenge representatives who will then put forward a recommendation to the Resilience Challenge Governance Group to make the appointment.

Aotearoa New Zealand’s rural landscapes and communities are an iconic part of our national identity, and a key economic driver through our productive primary industries and our tourism industry. Many of our rural areas are also exposed to multiple natural hazard risks, making them highly vulnerable to disasters.

The Resilient Rural Communities programme is working with the agriculture and tourism industries and key rural groups that underpin our rural communities and economies. A resilient Aotearoa New Zealand requires our rural sector to thrive, so a core priority is developing resilience solutions using a co-creation approach with key industries (dairy, high-value horticulture, sheep and beef, and forestry) to ensure value-chain resilience and policies for rural well-being. With the tourism sector we are seeking to understand the disaster exposure of tourists in rural Aotearoa New Zealand, and devise resilience solutions.


Start date by agreement, as soon as possible to 24 June 2024, approximately 0.1 FTE.

Evaluation Criteria


  • High standing in their research field, with a strong national or international reputation
  • A suitable area of complementary expertise to co-lead the research programme
  • Strong track record of delivery of research within collaborative research programmes, as measured by peer-reviewed outputs, reports and journal articles, particularly those in high-impact journals and international journals
  • Demonstrable commitment to Vision Mātauranga or kaupapa māori research
  • Strong record of collaboration, motivation and team building with experience in leading science teams to high-quality research outcomes
  • High standards of communication and presentation skills, evidence for clear written and oral presentation
  • Evidence of attention to quality of research, timeliness of research delivery and reporting


  • Active researchers in a New Zealand research organisation (noting new appointments will not be the lead contracting party for any Programme)

Additional Selection Considerations

  • Skills, attributes and research experience that align with the needs of the existing Programme Co-lead and the agreed programme deliverables
  • An emphasis on providing an opportunity for under-represented groups in Programme leadership
  • Opportunities to re-consider the division of effort in research contribution and Programme co-leadership
Responsibilities of Programme Leaders

Resilience Challenge Programme Leaders (collectively forming the RNC Science Leadership Team) are responsible for co-leading the science direction, coordination, delivery, and engagement for their Programme. Specifically, in collaboration with their Programme co-leader, they:

  1. Contribute to strategic planning and review processes for the Challenge
  2. Set strategic priorities for research programmes, and allocate and manage resources accordingly
  3. Embed the principles of Vision Mātauranga in the Challenge
  4. Drive the delivery of excellent, high-impact collaborative research and facilitate coordination of research across the Challenge Programmes and with external parties
  5. Ensure contracted milestones are met for the Programme throughout the 5-years of this phase.
  6. Monitor and report regularly (to a high standard) to the Director on performance against the terms of the Programme Sub-contract
  7. Identify performance issues/risks, consult with the Director, and advise on mitigation measures
  8. Work collaboratively with the other Programme Leaders of the Resilience Challenge to ensure research is well coordinated across the Challenge and with other relevant external research programmes
  9. Work with the Challenge Management team to ensure contracts are put in place between the host organisation (GNS Science) and the Programme Co-leader’s employing organisation.
  10. Work with host institutions of all team members to ensure third-party sub-contracts are put in place and executed in a timely manner for prompt delivery of science.
  11. Participate in regular Programme-Leader meetings with the Director and other members of the Science Leadership Team.
  12. In conjunction with the Programme host organisation, ensure that appropriate health and safety systems are in place that are compliant with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, and risks and incidents lodged with the Challenge Management Office.
  13. Facilitate internal and external communication, engagement and public outreach in relation to their Programme, including acting as a spokesperson
  14. Work with the Challenge Directorate to identify and contribute to appropriate media stories and outreach opportunities.
  15. Be a contact point for the Challenge Management Office in respect of their Programme, and provide information when requested by the Director, or Challenge Manager.
How To Apply

Applications are due by 5pm, Thursday 30 June, 2022.

For full details on how to apply for this role, see the Resilience Challenge EOI for Rural Progamme Co-Lead notice:

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