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Student Profile: Chanthujan Chandrakumar

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10 November 2021

Building a Conceptualisation of Citizen-led Low-cost Early Warning Systems

Chanthujan is an electronics and telecommunication engineering graduate from the University of Moratuwain, Sri Lanka. He has a strong interest in the fields of the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Following the completion of his bachelor’s degree he joined Synopsys Lanka Pvt. Ltd. as an Application Engineer in 2018, and he currently serves as a Senior Application Engineer. After gaining some experience in the industry, Chanthujan began looking for opportunities where he could undertake research to solve real-life challenges while broadening his skills, knowledge and experiences.

Chanthujan began his PhD in Emergency Management at Massey University’s Joint Centre for Disaster Research in 2020. Chanthujan’s research is titled ‘Smart Cities, Building a Conceptualisation of Citizen-led Low-cost Early Warning Systems’. Currently, New Zealand’s primary earthquake warning generator is limited in that it can only disseminate post-earthquake information through the GeoNet website and mobile app.

This means that there is no official earthquake early warning system available to give advanced warning to the New Zealand public.

Chanthujan’s research will concentrate on developing citizen-led, self-aligning and self-healing IoT-embedded systems that foster low-cost earthquake early warning applications in New Zealand. In this work, he will be applying machine learning techniques to provide advanced warnings of earthquakes accurately, while ensuring that there are no bogus warnings issued.

Chanthujan is working within the Smart Resilient Cities Workstream of the Urban programme and is supervised by Dr Raj Prasanna and Dr Max Stephens.

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