Cyclone Gabrielle landslide response and recovery

230926 landslide mapping crop

26 September 2023

Project: Rainfall-induced landslide forecasting, rapid assessment and hindcasting

Project Leads: Chris Massey and Kerry Leith (GNS Science)

Between 12 and 16 February 2023, Cyclone Gabrielle triggered at least 140,000 landslides across the North Island damaging houses, power lines, bridges, roads and creating dams across channels, and sadly, resulting in the death of five people. This is potentially the largest mapped landslide-triggering event on record in Aotearoa.

GNS Science was tasked with identifying, with a good level of spatial accuracy, where rainfall-induced landslides and their damaging impacts were likely to occur, did occur and might occur in the future.

Read the full article by GNS Science here.

230926 landslide mapping

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