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Team Leader Garry Mcdonald

Programme Co-Leader

Garry McDonald


Co-leader, Multihazard Risk

Garry is a Director of Market Economics Ltd, an economics consulting and research company. His research focuses on the integration of the environmental, social and economic dimensions of resilience and sustainability. This includes developing dynamic and spatially explicit decision/policy support systems; ecological economics and urban/regional economics; and critical infrastructure investment and interdependencies; and indicator development, e.g. full cost accounting, genuine progress.

Garry is co-developer of the Measuring Economic Resilient Infrastructure Tool (MERIT), a suite of web-based and desktop decision support tools designed to assess economic impacts, allowing the modelling of critical infrastructure outages and mitigation solutions. These tools have been used for various resilience projects, including by the Wellington Lifelines Group, NZ Transport Agency, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, as well as private sector electricity, financial and port companies.

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