Supporting critical infrastructure recovery

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14 February 2024

By Charlotte Brown, Resilient Organisations

The aim of this project is to combine data and lessons learned to provide an evidence-base to support critical infrastructure recovering decisions following the North Island extreme weather events in 2023.

To date, critical infrastructure asset damage and service disruption data have been gathered from all affected regions. These data are being analysed to develop a comprehensive picture of the events and inform recovery decision-making and future disaster preparedness.

Temporal and spatial summaries of infrastructure impacts across critical infrastructure sectors have been developed, and national and local situation report data has been analysed to better understand information availability and needs to support emergency response.

While data analysis is ongoing, two policy briefs have been published to support those working on critical infrastructure recovery. These briefs are based on a literature review of grey and academic literature and lessons learned on how to undertake large-scale critical infrastructure recovery programmes. Best practice principles for evaluating infrastructure investment decisions from a resilience perspective were also developed.

Find our more from the following policy briefs:

Critical infrastructure recovery: Key lessons (pdf)

Building resilience through recovery: Investment decision making (pdf)

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