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Student Profile: Lakshita Lakshita

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13 April 2022

Assessment of Electricity System Impacts and Management Strategies Pre- and Post- HIW Events

Lakshita Lakshita

I was born and raised in New Delhi, India, where I completed my Bachelor of Technology in Electrical and Electronics Engineering in 2014 and Master of Technology in Quality Management in 2018. I also worked in Delhi from 2014-2018 on Solar Power Plants based projects and supported various organisations to install and test the solar based products across India. A few of the projects were supported and funded by the World Bank.

To further explore and support clean energy technologies, I moved to New Zealand for my PhD in February 2019 and a year later I was fortunate to receive the funding from Resilience to Nature’s Challenges for a project on ‘Assessment of Electricity System Impacts and Management Strategies Pre- and Post- HIW Events: Northland-Auckland-Waikato Weather Scenario’.

My project

So far, the weather data analysis on the electricity network has been done for different zones of Auckland and Waikato and solutions were proposed to shorten the outage duration for those regions. The project fits into the Resilience Challenge by focusing on extreme weather events’ impact on various regions and proposing solutions to minimise the impact on the network. The most challenging and exciting part of this research project for me is to analyse the weather data for different locations in New Zealand.

Since the project is on assessment of the electricity network and developing management strategies for pre-, during and post- High Impact Weather scenarios, I am working on developing a model to prevent long power outages caused by extreme weather events. I am hoping to come up with a concrete solution for the New Zealand electricity network which can support the system operator to shorten the outage duration caused by HIW scenarios. I am analysing the weather data (supported by NIWA) for different locations and their possible impact on the electricity network in those locations.

Next steps

I am hoping to develop a universal model which can be utilized by any country or any power system operator to prevent the electricity network against longer outage duration caused by an extreme weather event.

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