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Guide to Disaster Recovery Capitals (ReCap)

Campbell, E & Blake, D. (2021) Guide to Disaster Recovery Capitals (ReCap) Aotearoa New Zealand edition. Recovery Capitals. September, 2021.


This resource has been developed through the Recovery Capitals (ReCap) project. ReCap aims to support wellbeing after disasters by providing evidence-based guidance to those engaged in recovery. It is intended to enable strengths-based, holistic and inclusive approaches to recovery. The guide emphasises the interacting elements of recovery, using a framework of ‘recovery capitals’ – natural, social, financial, cultural, political, built and human. It has been created through an Aotearoa New Zealand-Australia collaboration. There is an edition tailored to each country, although both have broader relevance to other locations. This edition is designed for use in Aotearoa New Zealand.

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