About the Resilience Challenge



We bring together deep partnerships, transformative research and mātauranga Māori  to provide the new knowledge, tools and ways of working that will help Aotearoa New Zealand accelerate resilience to ever-changing natural hazards and actively manage disaster risk. 


Our mission

To accelerate Aotearoa New Zealand’s natural hazard resilience through innovative, collaborative science.


Our vision

Aotearoa New Zealand has fully embraced natural hazard resilience and actively manages disaster risk, enabled by new knowledge, tools, and ways of working.

How we work


  • Inspiring others to take up the Resilience to Nature’s Challenges mission through open, inclusive governance
  • Enabling the best capability to pursue our research excellence goals
  • Generating bold, transformative research through cross-disciplinary collaboration
  • Embracing Māori aspirations for mātauranga māori and kaupapa-based approaches to disaster resilience
  • Mobilising deep partnerships through co-production, for research that is useful, usable and used.

Our aspirations


  • Our research contributes to transforming Aotearoa New Zealand’s resilience to natural hazards, evident in improved wellbeing and enhanced capability
  • The Challenge enables increased Maori participation and embeds mātauranga Māori in resilience decision-making
  • We become an exemplar for the co-creation of resilience science
  • The Challenge becomes a trusted provider of resilience research for the benefit of Aotearoa New Zealand
  • The Challenge delivers internationally linked and world-leading research

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