Media releases and news items



Media release: Tsunami preparedness in the Chatham Islands 150 years after the devastating South American event

15 August 2018

Māori oral histories reveal previously undocumented insights into the devastating tsunami on the Chatham Islands, 150 years after the event.



Radio NZ story: In case of emergency: Children map community using Lego and Minecraft

5 August 2018

Researcher Nickola Loodin shares insight into her work on including children in disaster planning.



NZ Herald story: Auckland could get just five days’ warning of eruption

27 July 2018

Professor Shane Cronin shares his volcanology expertise in a story about the amount of warning Auckland might get before an eruption.



PreventionWeb story: The role of Buddhist pagodas in Auckland’s natural disaster preparedness, response and recovery

19 July 2018

Investigating how places of worship could help increase resilience of South East Asian communities in Auckland. 



Media release: DIVE Platform – the key to New Zealand’s exciting resilience innovations

10 July 2018

Researchers have launched a new platform that will help researchers make better use of New Zealand’s Disaster Risk Reduction and resilience data.



RadioLIVE story : The Carrington Effect 

24 June 2018

In 1859 we experienced a solar flare hot enough to melt telegraph wires. Infrastructure programme researcher Nirmal Nair talks about what might happen if we had one today.



NZ Herald story: Researchers concerned at Hutt Valley suburbs’ post-quake confusion

21 June 2018

A new Wellington study has highlighted the confusion that followed the Kaikōura Earthquake, with only a third of people in tsunami-threatened Petone and Eastbourne evacuating to higher ground within the recommended 10 minutes.



Media release:  Tsunami evacuation after the Kaikōura Earthquake: Understanding community behaviour in Petone and Eastbourne

21 June 2018

Research into tsunami evacuation after the Kaikōura earthquake found that Lower Hutt residents were confused about whether they should evacuate, and evacuated slowly, if at all.



NZ Herald story: Researchers prepare for Alpine Fault black-out

18 June 2018

A catastrophic Alpine Fault earthquake could leave the South Island’s West Coast cut off from the main grid for many weeks – and now researchers have begun exploring how the region could survive by itself.



NZ Geographic feature: Ready Or Not

January 2018

We know that we should be prepared for a natural disaster, but what about those who can’t afford an earthquake kit, or aren’t physically able to move to higher ground in case of a tsunami?



Future New Zealand: On the frontline in the Anthropocene

10 November 2016

Prof Bruce Glavovic featured in the NZ Herald, talking about collaborative efforts to address coastal hazards risk including the multi-partner Hawkes Bay Coastal Hazards Strategy 2120.



Media release:  Resilience Challenge gets the green light

1 July 2015

The Resilience to Nature’s Challenges National Science Challenge was formally launched this week ushering in a collaborative and holistic approach to dealing with natural hazards in New Zealand.