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Webinar: Next generation earthquake & tsunami hazard and response

Our Earthquake-Tsunami team are using earthquake cycle simulators to create a million year catalogue of ‘synthetic earthquakes’. Dr Bill Fry (GNS Science) and Prof Andy Nicol (University of Canterbury) will introduce the current version of New Zealand’s first model of the full seismic cycle. The new catalogue has many applications, including potential to underpin next generation earthquake and tsunami hazard models.

When: Tuesday 9 March, 11am-12pm.

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Past Events



Webinar: Tourism and COVID-19 – Challenges and opportunities for rural communities

Our Rural research team will present their recent work on COVID-19 impacts and opportunities for rural communities dependent on tourism. Featuring Dr Caroline Orchiston of the University of Otago and Dr Jo Fountain of Lincoln University.

When: Tuesday 13 October, 11am-12pm.

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Webinar: How can our coastal communities adapt to an uncertain future?  

Our Coastal research team will present their recent work on coastal adaptation using the ‘Dynamic Adaptive Pathways Planning’ approach, the application of this approach to new challenges such as managed retreat, and ongoing and future work on enabling proactive coastal adaptation.

When : Thursday 6 August, 11am-12pm 

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