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Dr Sally Potter

Programme Co-Leader

GNS Science


Dr Richard Turner

Programme Co-Leader





Improving Aotearoa New Zealand’s resilience to high impact weather and wildfire

High impact weather, including heavy rain, heavy snow and strong winds plus associated risks such as wildfire, flooding and landslides, has significant adverse impacts on Aotearoa New Zealand. To enhance resilience to these extreme events, our multidisciplinary research in conjunction with stakeholders and Māori partners, will create new fine-scaled physical datasets of extreme weather, and a more comprehensive and collective understanding of the impacts on communities, infrastructure and economic activity. Our research will also investigate practical, cost effective and socially acceptable mitigation methods, leading to enhanced national resilience.




Hazard modelling

We will create hazard models of extreme weather events over time and space scales not previously available in New Zealand.


Extreme scenarios

We will use three extreme scenarios (ex-tropical cyclone, wildfire, extreme winter storm) to quantify the multi-component affects (wind, flood, snow, landslide, rural fire, etc) on infrastructure, buildings and communities.


Hazard mitigation

We will develop more effective weather hazard mitigation, including communication strategies, via in-depth case-study research on risk perception and warning behaviours.